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Now AndForever

.27 August 2009@18:24.

下過雨的藍天 彩虹浮現你的臉
那是小時候 被你抱著來到海邊
海風很鹹 幸福很甜
寬闊的肩 任我撒嬌又賴又黏
孤單單的黑夜 星星映照你雙眼
那是你走後 望著窗外孤枕難眠
眼淚很鹹 幸福走味
回憶無限 只能透過字裡行間
你離開的那一天 匆忙間 來不及說再見
失去你的這些年 沒改變 數不完的思念
是玩笑還是考驗 我們緣分那麼淺
好想許一個願 讓我再見你一面
孤單單的黑夜 星星映照你雙眼
那是你走後 望著窗外孤枕難眠
眼淚很鹹 幸福走味
回憶無限 只能透過字裡行間
你離開的那一天 匆忙間 來不及說再見
失去你的這些年 沒改變 數不完的思念
是玩笑還是考驗 我們緣分那麼淺
好想許一個願 牽你的手回從前
你離開的那一天 匆忙間 來不及說再見
失去你的這些年 沒改變 數不完的思念
是玩笑還是考驗 我們緣分那麼淺
好想許一個願 要一個有你的永遠

郭书瑶 (瑶瑶) - 来不及说再见


A very good and fun comedy to watch
Really worth watching. Entertaining!
Must go n watch..

.25 August 2009@04:49.

Today was an super relax day
as v few ppl come n watch movie n
we got super lot of time to relax, YA!
Finally, we got our Peace back again
but i think it won't last long wan la
Also find time to fix 'My Chair'
was fix by Sankar last yr
now spoil again
and is Fix now thanks to Benz!!

.24 August 2009@05:19.

Bad luck weijie kana spot
check in bag by manager
as a couple though he stolen their hp..
all I can say is he is so Dao Mei today!

.22 August 2009@08:22.

Ola, didn't slp today as reach home
at around 4.30am aft EOS then working
Opening in another few more hr
for safety reason is better to
'Not to Sleep!!'
As i don't want to be late again..
I think I turning into God soon!!

.19 August 2009@02:29.

Just say Bye Bye to Lao Po,
now is Ah Beng term
I don't find Ah Beng v xi xin until today
He fold a paper crane,
made by him and put it in my wallet
while i went n watch movie aft work
wif his wish for me on it
Very Xi Xin right!!
Thanks, Ah Beng for bringing me so many memory,
Going to cry out already : (

.18 August 2009@05:00.

Victor, Weilong, Yilin, Meifang,
Samuel, Chewmui, Fabian,
Pauyuan, Adelin, Ah-Teck

Attending Rachel's Farewell

Finally, Rachel last day at GVJP have arrive
Next time saw her must call her 'Lao Ban'

But i going to miss her v must as no more
Lao Po's big size bag squeezing my in e locker
plus her aunt style when washing all e part n

But still have to wish u all e best la..
Got any problem or unhappiness
remember to tell me huh..
I will help u settle, got this Lao Gong zai
Not To Worry! Jia You~
I maybe will be joining u aft th,
i see about it first..
Still Thinking~~~

.10 August 2009@09:03.

Mama coming back in another few more hour,
so do I, going to work in another few hour also
Have been v tired for e past few day
due to the long holiday,
everybody off n come n watch movie
but we still here working is Super Tired de lor~
all i can say is:
is going to over,
today is e last day of holiday
so let Jia You together ba~

.09 August 2009@06:53.

Reach home at 3 plus aft work in e morning
v tired!!
still need to do all e housework while mama go n enjoy herself
and i hv to tk over her job..
Cleaning, washing, preparing until sun raise again,
luck part is 1 work 7 plus later on,
still can went to bed aft doing finish all e stuff..
k la, i go to bed now.
Morning, Everyone!!

.08 August 2009@03:17.

Due to today, all school are having celebration for
our Singapore's Birthday..
The school end early
which cause us having very long Q until kopitiam,
e sell fry noodle there
(very scarily right!)
all staff hardly have time for their lunch/dinner
(so poor thing! )
plus still got 1 staff MC,
that make us more busy
went home aft work,
tk an shower rush down to GV again n watch
"Where Got Ghost (吓到笑)"
wif Su Fang
e movie is v lame n not scarily at all but ok la,
some part are still funny
Overall is not as good as wat i had expected it to be....

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