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Now AndForever

.27 July 2008@00:54.


Today met out wif girls go marina kbox,
Sing until 7pm n then when to Far East to
Shop shop, eat eat n sit down n chi chat
until ard 11pm..


so cooL..!!!

.24 July 2008@03:38.

my blog have been collecting alot of dust..haha..
Jul going to end soon n now then i start update my blog..

Have been really busy..workin 2 job.
is better to hv more slp then updating my blog ba..
but sad thing is here..i having a heavy flu now..Sian!
i know wht u all going to say.."must tk care of urself!"

ya i will tk care of myself, is just normal to me.
cause i haevn got any fever for a v long time,
now come just nice.

Gals, sat i maybe will hv no voice o..just to tell u all!
But i will still sing la..
Ah Do song..

waitin to hear wht my voice sound!

.12 July 2008@13:21.

Yesterday is my off day!!

Meet Rachel n Han Sheng to watch 10 Promises to My Dog

together, but Han Sheng end of e movie then reach here!!

Our Rachel is so heartless, th movie so sad..

she didn't cry, i watch it before still will cry..she onli feel sad!!

Then we go n eat KFC together,

n aft th watch HellBoy 2 wif Han Sheng..

th movie ok onli..

Today i going to enjoy my day go shopping!!

Updating my blog first before my shopping!!

Bye Guy!!

Faster comfirm when is e 10 gals outing!!

.07 July 2008@00:22.

Today went to cut hair at e salon near my house..
they cut until v ugly lo..
tmr don't know how to go n work..
wan to faster go n reborn my hair..
where reborn cheap cheap huh..
anyone can intro..
i wan to go reborn ASAP!!

.04 July 2008@23:38.

i'm here to update my blog alaby..
haven been update my blog..
lazy la.
i have start to realise my eye degree increasing..
i think is time for me to buy contact lenses.
but i don't know how to wear it.
Know how to put in but don't know how to tk out..
still thinkin wan anot cause i wear spec look like aunt..


25 June

Sorry didn't go back to JVS to visit u due to yesterday workin until v late n also need to go n work at 3 something..it's too rush for me!! Pai Seh..n Sorry Gal..Love u..Muckz!!

27 June

Meet Rachel in e morning to hv lunch together as we working sometime and she don't wan to go home n came to work again. Meet her wif my sleepily face as i woke until v late yesterday..Tired!

Thinkn wht 2 buy for Han Sheng's Birthday..Aft finish work we tk e same cab home..v Xi Fu o.Finally can tk cab wif my lao po together alaby. Haha, But got Hong Lie This Light Bulb!! Haha.

28- 29 June

Come back fr Han Sheng's Chalet, reach home at around 7+ in e morning..

Han Sheng's Chalet onli can say 1 word wh is 'SIAN'..

He call us to reach his chalet @ 5.30pm, so Rachel, Ying Ling, Victor n Ryan n me meet 2pm to go n buy his birthday's present @ Tampines Mall..

Buy finish alaby reach there, e food is still not here yet. So we go n shop shop first,shop until 8pm get bk alaby of ppl hv reach alaby..Aft e BBQ most of e ppl hv left, left wif Rachel, Ying Ling, Ryan, Jeffery n mi..Wow it was so Sian lo..our Birthday's boy is drank n my VIP rm wh he say wan to give me..Don't hv Oo..

Then we left wif nothing to do n Rachel teach us how to play majong end up onli Rachel n Ryan win..aft th we play 21 n i keep on wining until i feel sian..Hai!!

Then we go mac to hv our breakfast then went home by taking e first train.

Reach home faster go n slp cause still need to work aft th..woke up my head was spinning..as i was working my mode is all in high level..haha

This tell me: Next time don't drink if next day still need to work. But is ok la..i'm v happy e whole day cause i'm v high th day..Hahaha

30 June

Today work mid shift.

saw Pauline buying ticket to watch movie wif her bf.. n i tell her don't lost her ticket again huh..cause th time she lost her ticket..i don't hv time to entertain her..


Today finish work stay bk to help out cause later meeting guy to go n eat supper. But end up nothing to help out alaby, so find ppl to chat chat until e time is ready to go, TO HAVE SUPPER!

Walk a v long time to e venue to hv our supper, don't know y th day Soon Hao keep shooting me..make me v angry! Soon Hao u watch up..WAHAHA..i will find time to shoot you back..

1 July

Today is e first day of July n i late for work, late 20 min..Hai!! Forget to turn off my silent mode..if ur phone is Sony Ericsson you will know wht alarm tone u will get..th music how can woke me up..Hai Hai!! Going to get my warning letter alaby..late 3X alaby!!

Aft work went to watch 10 Promises to My Dog wif Jeffery n Ah Tack, Diana go tk plane alaby don't know fly until where..make me also buy ticket for me..nvm la..wow th movie v touchin!! Keep on crying as i was watchin..Nice Movie!

2 July

Off, going to enjoy my life sleeping but receive a call th woke me up in e morning and i can't get back to my slp again..Hai!! Nvm...
My mama say she feel v different abt me..not much word came out fr my mouth, being quiet e whole day. i also don't know y???!! Going to enjoy my tonight Dancing Dancing!! Tmr working night so can go out n play..HahA!!

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