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Now AndForever

.30 March 2008@23:31.

Today is Linda Mummy's Day cause is her Birthday...


WE meet up n hv our lunch at Billy Bombers (The Cathay)..wow eat until v full then we head up to Kinokuniya (Bugis) to buy book n comic..then go eski bar to sit down n hv a drink n also dance..woww..there v cold n fun lei..thank to Melissa..hahaha


*.*.AT ESKI BAR.*.*

.28 March 2008@23:45.

Yesterday went down to fareast to buy Xueqi's birthday present wif Stella, Candice, Agatha n Zhen Ling~~n went shopping at e same time..heeee..then head down to bugis to hv our dinner "PASTAMANIA"...WOW, VERY THE NICE~~then we continue..shop shop shop then hv our dessert..until don't know wht time then tk train home..HOME SWEET HOME~

Then today we all head down to xueqi house for her pre-birthday celeb..we get alaby e cake as we will walkin to her house n give her a surprise~~haha

n she went v shock, can see fr her face la..as show on below..then we hv our dinner, wh is steamboat, th photo n watch CH 8 {9pm} show....n finally is "EAT CAKE TIME"..here i come~ YA!


Xueqi happy 20th Birthday~ Hope u like our present! MUCKZ...

[Thanks our camaraman: "YUN" wh is me..if don't hv me, no photo!]

.27 March 2008@02:35.

Today not workin, got to stay at home n rest as i got a bit of cough..
Stay at home eat, slp,watch drama, surf net n
n i also get to finish 2 of e storybook th i borrow fr library
{*Give myself a clap*}
v tired alaby..

k lo..go n slp alaby..tmr still need to go out wif friend, don't wan to be late..

.24 March 2008@00:26.

hehee..haven been bloggin for this few day la..hee..Busy la..

Get to end my work early today..hoho..go to popular to look for printer as my sis is going to need it soon..sian! Haven choice any yet cause don't know how to choice..:x
As lookin for printer, i call candice at e same time ask her wan to watch Step UP 2 ma, as nobody accompany her watch but i watch before alaby..then we both comfirm then timeing as i find th there is still alot of time and i decided to go back home change my clothes n meet candice together at JE n tk train together to JP GV to watch Step up at 9.40..then aft th tk my sec last bus home..

.20 March 2008@19:07.

Hmm..Just woke up!

Last night go for late night exercise wif Candice, Melinda, Melene, Stella n Xueqi at Power House's Ladies Night. GEt to drink wine, see guy n also dancing..WOW

Dance unitl it's end then sit outside VIVO city chick chat n then aft th e gals go n hv their prata n tk bus home aft th shower alaby then ZZzzzzzz

.16 March 2008@23:18.

Today finish work early, thinkin of wan to watch movie so i ask sharon to accompany me watch, this movie call "Horton"...wow th movie is like story tellin, watch until both of us wan to fall asleep alaby..luckily it's going to end soon..then aft th we go TS to buy drama..i buy alot of drama o..can slowly enjoy alaby..YA!

Here something i wan to tell my Lao Po:

Lao Po huh..as u r workin also must tk gd care of ur body ah..try to hv more rest..i know having 3 work at a same time is v stress for u but u still must remember to tk care..ok? If not u sick again..i going to be v worry abt u.."my heart will cry wan"..SOooo remember to tk care huh..love u! Muckz..

.15 March 2008@03:05.

Ola..here i am..just finish fr work..get to tk cab home today..YA! But v scaring also cause e taxi driver keep telling me ghost story, aft my 2 other friend get off e cab..this is e first time i wan to get down fr e cab..but in e end i didn't get off la..is e uncle keeping e story until reach my house..so scare~

.13 March 2008@23:24.

Raining Day~

Hv been rainin mostly now a day..today got to work n some of my gal r also workin, some of them is their first day of work..Gals how is ur first day of work today..hmm hope everything went out well..1 Day hv pass aft yesterday meet up..ooooo..miss u all so much..hai

.12 March 2008@00:00.


Woke up early to meet Rachel they all @ JE KBOX to sing song..lalalala..
Then we head on to Candice's house for dinner..we hv Steamboat for dinner prepared by Candice's parent..Thank u so much aunt n uncle..hee..n we settle down n eat n chatting all e way..u know la..gal r v noisy la~ Haha..i ate alot of tofu n mushroom..hohoho..my favourite! Then we settle down to tk group photo..then go to candice to talk abt gals thing la..v touchin..hai..we all going to be separated alaby, as we hv our separate to go to..

.*as u can see, e nail polish until v nice wan, u know who hand is this ba..*.

.*tk @ K BOX [JE]*.

.*our two india lady*.

.*n also MONKEY as their part-time job*.

.*melene n mi*.

.*taken aft our dinner*.

.*candice n mi*.

.*this is my wife 'Honey y u so shy?'*.

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