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Now AndForever

.22 November 2008@17:15.

Stay at home today
n finding time out to change an new blog skin
as wan to have an new look
n also shop online
Hope u guy enjoy coming here
Remenber to go n tag huh!!



Isn't my happiness the most important thing?
So why can't I decide whichever that makes me happy?

Ai yi ge ren jiu shi yao kan zhe ta xing fu kuai le.

.13 November 2008@01:59.

Yuhoo..just came back fr SuperBowl just now..
went to KUISHIN-BO for dinner
that si Han Sheng didn't go n make a booking
make us wait for an hour then got table for us
wow e food there very nice but v ex
we all eat until v full
then aft th went to play basketball machine
for exercise n
wanyee go n watch her movie
Finally head down to Superbowl n play bowling
HS n KF play pool
finally match me n Ryan tie
wan to see photo got...now is all below
go n see see urself

feel like hv a drink..haha

wow..hungry hungry hungry

so many type of tea..if my house also got like tis, will be GooD!!

there's an story behind tis cup of ice-cream

an fa xian cang #1

an fa xian cang #2

an fa xian cang #3

this is how old ppl eat thing, look like!

nic n mi #1

nic n mi #2

can i ask wht is e taste of e ball, Ryan?

our score n finally match mi n ryan tie lei...WAHAHA!!

HS n KF playing pool

n their score

n here our cute xiao mei,

pic of the Day

.12 November 2008@15:47.

Ya!! i have recover fr my Fever alady
later going to hv dinner wif
Han Sheng, Nicole, Ryan
n Poor Wanyee..
We going to eat at
e Jurong Point B1, e japan restaurant area there
i don't know wht it name la
i go there alady,
then tell u all e name n wif lot of photo
hope e food there all v nice huh
DOn't waste my money!!

.11 November 2008@00:30.

Finally back home..
went to work by carryin
an 39.6°c hot body to work
wow..e feeling is like Hell
n alot of thing happen
but i don't wan to say must
end now need to go n slp alady
if not i will turn into Fire Elephant

.10 November 2008@02:19.

i wan to say sorry to my CB closer
n we went for Supper again
n 1 last thing

i now having FEVER n wht Ryan say is correct!

n i still going to work tmr?

.09 November 2008@04:11.

Just come back fr Supper again
is raining cat n dog outside,
Super heavy o..
e wind n also e lightin
today working nothing must to say
onli thing is i carry raw corn
n also change 4 box of syrup
wow..i'm strong lei
n also angry wif sankar cause
he scare me when i clearing e hall
went to watch Managaga again
haha..see my family memder
u all know who la..
don't need me to say
wow..Full house again
sit at e 2nd row fr front
v funny o e show must go n watch o!


.06 November 2008@16:14.

How do you judge how much a person weighs in your heart?

According to time?
The longer you know that person, the heavier he will weighs? Which means that your primary school friends will weigh more than your secondary or poly friends? Which concludes that, New friends always weighs lesser than old friends.

The time spent?
The more time spent together, the heavier he weighs? Or more memorable time spent together means heavier? Rounds down to: not according to the length of the time, as long as the time spent together is worth cherishing, he or she will weighs more than your 10years friend.

The usefulness of that person?
If you need him, he is useful and hence, he weighs more. More than your old friends. But once the usefulness is used up and not needed anymore, your old friend comes back.

.03 November 2008@23:50.

today use my whole day by have a good rest
then went to JP for shopping
n wait for hoon hoon to finish work
n we watch HSM3 again..3 time alady!!
n then tk cab home..
th is my life today, v sian right!!
will try to look for somemore entertainment!!
O..still got alot of post have post yet..
wait for me v free then post huh..
bye bye!!

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