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Now AndForever

.28 April 2008@20:46.

hmm..today don't know is my problem or is e weather?
I feel damn hot today..
going to drive me crazy..

Today not work, so can slp until v late
Can slp until so full is so Nice nice nice arh
But tmr need to get back to work again
All i can say is:

3 May is coming..Ya!
Can get to see all my sweet x2 Girls
Muckz muckz muckz..
Miss u all so much o!


hmm..today ma!!!!
Also just finish fr work,
all i can say ma is:
lei ah, lei ah~
Still e same la..th is workin life...n also study life la..
don't know wht to write lei
my mind is all ZZzzzz
i think i better go n slp ba..
didn't hv much slp yesterday till to
a nightmare
Scare, scare lei~
hope today won't get e same dream again
Meow meow go away!!!!

.27 April 2008@01:41.

Halo everybody..must say Good night to everyone!

Just finish work, reach home relax in fort of my computer..
Hao Lei o today~
Hmm..today went to KBox in e morning, sing until almost going to late for work..
Actually is go IMM until late wan la..
Then we decided to tk cab..but see e Q so long..
i think forget it..
Then we tk e most fast transport.."MRT"
When reach e stop, mi n ah teck rush out of e train n quickly run to GV..
i think e ppl th we run pass thing we crazy ba..
cuase u nomally onli see this part during a movie.
then quickly change e uniform n start work.
wow..is very the very the lei lo..
this story tell us..next time don't organise thing before work..
i can't tk it anymore..

tmr i go to contiune working..
hope everything when out smoothly..
as smooth as my face..
Jokin onli la..
bye la~

.25 April 2008@18:43.

Halo Guy..I Back!
HiHiHi, got miss mi ma?
But you guy going to miss mi soon
Cause i going to London in e mid of May
Let sing wif me; London bridge in falling down..
Don't ask mi to buy anything huh
Cuase i going there to enjoy myself n most impt
'See Handsome Guy'
Finally got to enjoy myself
Have been working this few day non-stop
Soo tired ah..
Get to slp until 3 pm
Woke up, brush teeth n carry an empty stomach looking for food
Able to find some bread, jam n milk
Hmm..let dig in..
Didn't eat much casue going to have dinner soon

Hmm, so fast going to say bye bye to fri
time is passing very fast
tmr going to continue my day working
Go,Go, Go!
But before th will be going to KBox
wif some friend n rachel
So let start warm up my vocal..
Do, Re, Me, Fa...
See how many chicken can i kill..
These's all..need to go xi bon bon alaby
if not can see Fly flying around me
Bye lo..

.11 April 2008@00:45.



┈‐┈--┈ ┈ --┈‐-┈ ---ゎ

.07 April 2008@23:28.

YA! Receive call fr my wife saying she tmr working wif me...
i was so happy..hehee~
Can't wait for tmr to come..

Today woke up early to accompany wendy buy her interview clothes..
Finally, she get to buy her clothes th she wan at IMM..
Hope th her interview went out..FINE..

Tmr going to be Candice turn to interview..
Hope everything went off fine..

JIA U Gal...

.03 April 2008@13:42.

Today is e release of poly result..
Hai..Sian..didn't get in to e poly th i wan..
hai..but i alaby know i won't get in alaby..
so didn't put much hope in it..
but also hope will get in at e same time..
but end up..

Nvm..now thinkin wht i going to do next..
lookin for full-time then quit my job th i workin now
or wht..i don't know!
V messy..
wht should i do???????

.02 April 2008@11:00.

Today we get to know our result..
receive call fr Mei Yan early in e morning..
to ask me abt e result..hahaa~
I use to it alaby..hooo

Didn't get v good GPA but at least i...
happy wif my subject grade..
Not Bad Ooo..

Hope u all score well...GAl!


HALOHA..sian dun to today is APRIL FOOL DAY..make my life feel like crying..y so many ppl wan to give me a shock? Hai...nvm,1yr 1 times, let forget abt it..aft finish work, reach home v late alaby, tk shower n turn on tv to watch any show th is nice but end up..all not nice wan..then walk to my table n tk a bk th i buy on kinokuniya to read..wow..i complete readin in just few hr..wow...give myself a clap..but when i turn my head n look at e clock..OOOOoo..v late alaby..still need to work aft th..so fast update my blog n go to bad...why i still went to blog, when i need to woke up e nxt day for work...dotz! i'm crazy alaby..

*.*. BOOK OF THE WEEK .*.*
ps: v nice!

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