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Now AndForever

.29 December 2007@04:36.

This is to the people who are my TRUE friends...

Thank u for being there
Thank you for caring
Thank you for not judging
Thank you for being you
And mainly... THANK YOU for being a TRUE friend that I know I can trust with all my heart...


Hehe..i'm back..don't know y i alway update my blog is alway at around 4 something..hmm..must make a change alaby..hmmm

+ Today, 3 more day before New Year!!

.28 December 2007@04:34.

Today finish work late..haha..i earn somemore money today..Ya! my schdule say i go n at 10pm but due to some problem we hv to stay until v late to finish it..hee..Sian..i going to tk care of myself this 2 day since i didn't work..cause my Flu n tok tok..come back alaby..i think is due to less rest ba..this 2 day, i going to relax myself..yup..

.25 December 2007@03:19.

Just come back fr e Christmas's Celebration held by a TRIPLE G..WE'R LOCK! It was v fun..each person brink different food, drink n etc, n i bought Mi Fen which cooked by my Mama..it's taste v nice.. I LIKE~ we also buy some Snow Spray..wow..spray until..my hair like puting alot of wax on it..haha..we play until e police come n call as to low down our vol but we know is not us who talk v loud la..call we v lady wan..but nvm i forgive them cause e policeman is v handsome o..haha..so fun..n finally we exchange e present..i got Zhi Wei's wan which is fr e Body shop wan..n i going to buy wan..haha..now i don't need to buy alaby..save $$..then aft th Eda give us e Chirstmas card n Ying give us a photo th got 9 of us togerther wan..WOW..so sweet..thanks u all..is v Sweet of u..n finally we cut our log cake n clear our own thing n go home..so FUN..heee..

.24 December 2007@02:26.

Finish my work for e day. Hohoho..Tmr going to celebrate Christmas wif my sec sch friend, going to slp soon so th will hv more energy to play..Christmas is Coming, so fast..hmmm..Hope th Singapore will Snow..but i know won't wan la..ok! th it, i will contiune to write tmr if i got use com..let continue tmr..as e celebration will going to be so fun! YA...

.21 December 2007@18:06.

Finally get to see u guy alaby..miss u all so much..Give a kiss to u all..Muckz! Today we celebrate Melene's 19th Birthday by watching movie At JP..aft finish watching e movie, we go n hv our dinner at Pizza Hut..then we walk outside to hv our photo-taking time..then Stella go off to work n Melinda go n meet her bf..then we shop around n go to arcade to play game n we 8 of play e car driving game it was v fun n u can keep seeing my car turn over haha..n i come in e 6th..haha..luck not e last wan..hoho..then we walk out n contiune our shopping, just as we walking off..i feel some wan bok my pipi..i turn around it was Quan Quan who hv just finish working n using umbrella to bok my pipi..so sad..then we continue our shopping n n e same time we planning something special for melene..haha..it was so fun..today i sure enjoy myself..haha!


Hihi..everyone must be waiting for me to update my blog for a v long time alaby right? Now~ now~ now~ Here i'm back..wahaha..

My voice still haven come back but nvm cause i know is getting better n better alaby.. Wait for my voice to come back n go KBOX sing again..wait for me o..hohoho..Tmr going to celebrate Melene's birthday by going GV @ JP to watch movie..Alvin n the Chipmunks..dinner still don't know eat wht..let think aft we hv watch finish e movie ba..hohoho..Getting to see u all tmr..can't wait for th day to come!!

Don't Be Late Tmr!

.15 December 2007@03:49.

hihi..Good Night everyone..ooh.now can say is Good Morning! Just come back fr work n finish my shower..ohyo..must go n find some day to go for injection cause i also working in e food industry..so SCARE! eeeeeeeeee..

Don't know tmr got go Sing Song ma..hee..i'm waiting!

.12 December 2007@02:29.

Huh..now-a-day keep raining n i keep working..i now not feeling well again! Sian..today do Candy Bar clean until overtime..i feel sorry for them, cause of me they end up v late then go home..Sorry huh..Hui Hui & Ah Boon! Just finish my shower i think i need to wait for a v long time for my hair to dry..n SLEEP! I'm v sleeply!

th is all is i write for today..o..n also THANKS CHANEL FOR LENDING ME HER CLOTHES! LOVE U! MUCKz..


.04 December 2007@23:51.

Ya! finally don't need to work for this 2 day n i got e time to go n see doctor to hv my MC..YA! YA! YA! Don't need to go to sch for this 2 day..hohoho..wow..i spend $26 watching doctor, next time go other place alaby, so x..Don't know whether will my friend miss me anot..Guy do u all miss me? hehe..see me in sch on thur! I WILL BE BACK!...WAIT 4 ME! WAHAHAHA...

This is my MAC of e day!

This is my MC! Hohoho..

.03 December 2007@01:12.

Today my sis go to My Idol's Rainie sign e cd concert at Garden Plaza, Level 2, Bukit Panjang Plaza alone, to give e cd for me as my birthday's gift..i was so touch as i can't go dun to work..make me wan to cry! She meet at Jurong Point n pass it to me..SO TOUCH! Then i accompany her for sometime then it's time for me to go n work..then she tk bus to IMM to see her idol's Wilber at GARDEN PLAZA LEVEL 3 @6.30 PM..to sign e cd..she go alone as her friend go n "fly plane" alaby..she so poor thing..but i hv to thanks her for signing e cd for me..Thanks for ur present..n WO AI NI o..

Today is also a big day for i'm here to tell Rachel..Lao Po Happy 19th Birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!


.02 December 2007@00:14.

Woke up at 6.30am, get ready to go to sch at 8,then meet Melene at sch bus-stop n go to class together..but we didn't know th, there's no lesson..Sian! Then me n Melene decide to go Mac as i haven eat my breakfast.. we go n look for a place to sit n then i go n buy my Hotcake as Melene hv bring her own thing to eat..then as i was queueing to hv my order..Melene suddenly carry her n my bag telling me th our teacher was seating over there..then she faster went to e opposite side n sittle down..haha..so funny..aft we finsh our meal, i tk 154 home..when i reach home found th i still got alot of time n nothing to do so i decided to watch my 881 as i just brought it on Thur..as I'm watching my sis woke up n she join me..n i watch until i forget th i going to meet eling at 11am n i quickly sms n change e time to 12..

Eling n i are going to ChuangYi Bazaar so we meet early to go there..n i meet eling at 176..n tk bus together to get there. When we reach there, there got some nice comic th i wan to buy n i brought it..i buy until 40 something n Eling was shock to hear this..suddenly Eling feel like wana to eat Old Chang Kee.. tot Bukit Merah will hav but didn't found so we went to hawker to buy something to eat.. as we r walking to e interchange we saw OLD CHANG KEE..haha..so funny! n eling's face was wan to kill ppl alaby..then we tk 176 n stop at my house bus-stop n walk to another bus-stop to tk 154 to meet Rachel they all at Taman Jurong...

When we reach all hv reach except for Melene who thought meet them at 3..n Agatha go for SC meeting n come at dinner time..and so We go in n play our bowling first..We go there n book for e place to play n change our shoes..n LET START E GAME!..WAHAHAHA..

Starting i play quite well but slowly because die cause Thur got work n all my muscles are in PAIN..n slowly it become more pain as i play..so sad! Wow..now then i know our Group got alot of them play v well..WOW..time pass so soon n our 2 game finish ..feel like playing some more lei..

Then aft th we tk 240 to Jurong Point then 172 to Chanel's house(th bus smell really e "Nice ah" until mi n eling can't stand it, got alot of Man Smell) there to hv our dinner then we walk a v e long way to Chanel house..finally we reach a place n i a place for me to rest alaby..haha..Then we go n greet her parent n go to her "Study Rm" to tk photo n then get ready to celebrate Rachel's birthday..Hohohoho..Aft finish eating e cake is Majong TIME, Rachel, Stella, Chanel n Zhen Ling will playing..Eling teach Rachel n Agatha tk care of Rachel's money n i sit down there see them play..then where is e other 2..come let me tell..Melene n Xueqi was at Chanel's rm using com, watching show n surfing net..When time reach 11pm Eling, Xueqi n Zhen Ling went home n e other stay over night at Chanel's house to continue playing majong..n we play until 6am e next day then go home..Chanel n Rachel got win o..

wow..i don't know i hv write so much n i write until 4 something..wow..must go n slp alaby..later still need to woke up for work..e pic is at below:

When is my turn to play lei?

Ps: Yup..u need to poss this way..yup..nice!



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