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Now AndForever

.15 February 2008@01:58.

Today woke up early n rushin myself to get ready to go to Agatha's house n then candice house for house visitin, as i was on e bus then i remember 1 impt thing " I forget to bring ORANGE!" hohoho..luckily melene is still at home so i ask her to help me bring..hohoho..Luckly lei..Then meet Rachel at JE's platform n we tk train together to West Mall to meet the other n go to Agatha's house to hv our lunch as Agatha's Grandma cook for as..wow nice lei..we eat alot! then stay for a wa..then we head on to candice's house..except for Agatha, Melene n Melinda, they goin to teacher's house for house visitin n later then will enjoy us..Nvm..as e rest of us..haha..we didn't rest o..we start our gamble as u know ma..CNY if didn't gamble is not CNY..hohoho..then around 11 something Agatha they all come n join us but is quite late n some of e girls went home as they takin e last bus/ train..Left wif me, melinda, melene n also agatha stay n continue..then around 12am we all then left candice's house n go back home by taking taxi..hohoho..hmm..today is so fun n i also enjoy myself n e money..hohoho..hmm..i lazy to design e pic all this..so i just any how post ba..hee..enjoy~



.11 February 2008@01:58.

Today too busy alaby..rushing out e project..so i won't long too long..Just wan to say everything is fine today..th's allWisk everyone a

.09 February 2008@03:16.

I just now go n view my blog see got ppl tag mi anot n i found out th i hv been writing blog on e 6 to today 9 Feb..wow..Come on let give me a clap!hee..

Today i injury myself during work..my hand suddenly touch e popcorn kettle n burn my hand..pain pain..wawawawa..then tanks to Sharon for helping apply mec n also Fabian for putting tape around my plaster if not my plaster will be in somewhere n i don't know where la..I LOVE U ALL..haha..Wow aft putting e mec..i pain until my tear come out..i think this is e first time they saw me cry ba..hee.. Than aft all hv been done..they say my hand look like Rambo..haha..whose who don't know wht is it..pls go to any movie wedsite n u will know..hee..

When i reach home i start watching TV until i forget to bath..now i just finish my shower..hee..YA! ok la..i go n find pic for my project alaby..

Will be Continue...But Don't Know when!

.07 February 2008@21:32.

Halo..today is first day of new year how is everyone doing..hv fun anot..YA! today work everything went out well accept alot of ppl come n buy ticket la..hehehe..halo..ppl..those who wan to go n watch movie faster go n buy ticket o..ticket r selling fast right now..Haha..i today got alot of hong bao..GOOD GOOD GOOD! Hahaha..

Hmm..tmr still need to work..hope everything went out well also ba..hee..hohoho.."don't wan so many ppl"..hehehe..cause i tmr wan to watch movie also..wan to hv good seat..hmm..watch wht show lei..still thinking now..

ok la..Hope everyone enjoy ur day..MUCKz...Happy Chinese New Year..Collate money until hand tired huh..hee

.06 February 2008@23:06.

Ya! Few more minutes to Chinese News Year..Ya! A new Year is coming..hv prepare all e goodies n waiting for e day to come..Hohoho..Start eating steam boat wif my family aft my younger sis come back fr work..wow..didn't sit down n hv our dinner together for a v long time alaby..heeehee..Tmr can start wearing all e new clothes n shoese n also can't wait for e Ang Bao to come..hahaha..come come come!

Hmm..tmr i need go n work..hope everything went well..hee..Scare Scare!

Ok la..th it.. i going to go n do my project alaby..i cannot do 2 thing at e same time..faster do finish n i can also enjoy my holiday..

Here to wish u all Happy Chinese New Year! Hope everyone of u stay healthly n strong..Earn lots of money n also Get lots of Hong Bao during ur New Year..hohoho..


.03 February 2008@21:06.

Today i hv a bad day working..n also my unluckly day also..scold by customer, down money..hai..alot of staff tell me Customer Service line r like this wan..but i still feel v sad..as i was on my way home taking e bus, i turn on to my handphone's music..n e first song came to be a sad song n i start to cry out..luckily aft e station alot of ppl get down alaby..if not i think th will be alot of ppl know i'm crying ba..now th i hv reach home alaby, i hold my tear cause i don't wan my parent to know abt it but my tear keep swimming around my eye..CAN U PLESE STOP COMING OUT!..i know is my fault la..hope th next time it's won't happen again..ahyo don't wan to talk alaby..now go shower n let my tear out ba..let my lake of tear dry out..hai.


Taken on 22 Jan


I'm back!

Hmm..today finally can stay at home to get really for CNY..now signin in to blogger but don't know wht to write, not th there is nothing to write but is too many thing to write n i think i can write until v long..

Last week i hv pack finish my room now messy again..hee..Sian must repack again! Hai..yesterday as Rachel n i was on our way to go n watch movie, we receive a mail fr Ser Chin telling us th Chalet is Cancel..hai sian lo..ahyo..i don't wan to think abt it frist..like this will make my NY feel so sad..WAWAWA..

Hmm..now as i was writing my blog i also doing my project at e same time as must hand-in aft our CNY's holiday..n i hv put alot of working day n also need to go for house visitin to get Hong Bao..th is my favourite..哈哈哈哈! Thinkin how am i going to go n design my poster..hmm alot to design to do..so MUST..THINK..THINK..THINK!

Ahyo see i must write so much for today..Hohoho..th is all for today ba..see when i free then write again..Bye Bye n Good Night @ e same time..Love U!

Everybody 4 more day to CNY!

Ooo..wait wait wait..i forget to Thanks Samatha for ur cookie..nice lei..
i eat alaby..hee

Hope tmr is a nice day..n i need to wok..

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