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Now AndForever

.18 January 2008@16:51.

Today just finish my AOFA exam..can relax a bit alaby..hmm..now busy buying all e CNY's clothing la..all this..n sch end v late, make me hv v few time to go n shop wif my friend..O YA!..last week i Clean my room n i found th, there is alot of comic n cd th i don't wan..n i wan to sell..all e item i hv post below..feel free to come n buy wif me..




$8.00(k laug)

$19.00(J laug)


COMIC will be out later..

.08 January 2008@00:23.

hai..Sian! so fast sch reopen alaby n i didn't enjoy myself much..haihaihai..now need to rush finish all my project..in order to enjoy my Chinese New Year..hehehe..Haven buy my clothes n shoes all this yet lei (all ppl who going to buy ur CNY's clothing, ask me to go allow too huh, i also wan to buy)..

Hmm..now thinking how i going to design my Invitation Card for my project..How i going to design lei? Hmm...

Left wif few more month before we graduate, i going to miss u Guy..so sad!

.01 January 2008@01:40.

YA..HAPPY 2008!YA...Finally 2008 haven arrive hope all e good come n e bad go..

n 1 more thing, i buy my PSP alaby..hohoho..

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