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Now AndForever

.28 October 2008@04:28.

workin eos wif hoon hoon,
went to supper again aft work.
run wif hoon hoon to 651 v tired
too run didn't run alady
must find time go for an run!!

n my day 2 of drinkin beer

Ryan n Victor

Act Cool

Act shy onli

Wesley n Jasmine


Kai Kai n JiaLing

mi n Han Sheng

Wanyee aka YeeYee

wanyee ah yee n hoon hoon's hand but is their mind same??

.27 October 2008@06:04.

CB closing wif Monkey Geo n xin qi
stuipd monkey keep sayin me ELEPHANT!
u this MONKEY, go n eat ur Banana!!
aft th went for supper,
tk wesley's cab as he lazy to walk there!!
me also lazy today
we reach there first
n me n wesley start drink Beer while
waitin for other!!
tmr working late so can drink
sit down chit chat n then head home
n hv a good night slp

Lao De

is he e nxt 007, i'm worry!!

Monkey acting cute..

Kai Kai

King Soon Hao

Ah Huan n Samuel

Wesley, e other ELEPHANT

Ah Teck

is Tiger a male or female??


.26 October 2008@02:27.

Ah teck can't work n i replace his shift
n is in e morning,
first time working in e morning
since Andy they all left.
Still not use seeing e sun rise!!
But didn't came late for work,
poor baba is v busy today,
as alot of thing happen n also alot of customer
n he onli 1 person..
poor thing ah..
n then didadida..
it reach 6 n it's time for me to go off n watch movie lo
meet Ryan n Nicole
n th LAO REN JIA late again
hai~ when will u won't be late lei???

we watch:

First:_Tropic Thunder

Dun to is n M18 movie,
our Xiao Mei can't watch wif us, too bad!
This movie v nice n funny..must go n watch o!!
But i'm too tired th day,
i onli watch e first 15 min n e endin 15 min..

Second:_High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Nice movie..
e song nice nice
n also Troy handsome handsome


this movie ma.......................
didn't watch finish all coz our xiao mei can't tk it anymore,
going to vomit out soon!! As e camera keep on up down, up down..

Warmin: those who have motion sickness, don watch it huh!,
if not ask for a plastic bag before u enter..i don't wan to clear ur food!!
Thank alot..

n i went home aft th n e rest went for supper..

.25 October 2008@15:20.

Is it

When you know someone long enough,

you will tend to take them for granted?

Expect more?

Lesser courtesy?

Headache; Heartache.

.24 October 2008@22:43.

woke up at 3 plus
stayin at home for whole day didn't go out
qi ji right, didn't go out

receive clothes th me n hoon hoon order online
Hoon ah, tmr i pass to u o..
n updating my blog e whole day,
later going to go to bed early
cause tmr working 10am
need to woke up at 8 don't know will woke up on time a not
now the problem is will i be able to slp later anot

.23 October 2008@22:38.

our new uniform?

.22 October 2008@22:14.

work flr mid today,
heard abt alot of ppl drunk
on yesterday dinner
so sad i'm not there
i also wan to drink.

aft work help out wif CB closing
waiting for everone to
finish work n go pioneer mall
for supper n go home!

our Halloween combo gift

our ke ai de baba who think he v handsome..

ahyo..wear couple-T lei

.21 October 2008@23:18.

Today GV open for half day!
no work n so sian staying at home.
so i use my time to slp e whole day!

woke up at 7 plus in e night,
on my com n hv my dinner.
wow..this is e first time,
i see all ppl online
cause don't need to work ma!!

Receive sms fr hoon hoon
th she v sian
n we meet out,
to watch movie n wait for HS
for his dinner to end
n hv supper again

Wait for a long time for HS to arrive
n w head down to Lot 1 there for supper.
Then sit on Hoon Hoon blk there,
hv a chat n go home
cause nxt day still got wrk huh
can't be late!!

Sian..don't feel like taking photo

Dice lighter buy for Mr.HS

Nice bike..feel like BooBoomz..

our Mr. ???

.20 October 2008@15:01.

You will never know how blissful you are till you see your friends/love ones doing so much things for you.

This year's birthday is the most touching one ever.
It was like I am the most fortunate girl on earth.



Didn't went for Family Day today,
as our Miss Nicole n Stupid Han Sheng,
went to slp n leave me alone!!
Luckily got call them to double check,
before i head on to JE!!
Wanted to watch Burn After Reading
fr going to watch it at 11 plus,
aft keep on changing of timing,
we hv decided to watch it at 9.15pm at VIVO.
Finally arh!

Meet out early to hv dinner
n our Da Shao Ye,
make me n Hoon Hoon wait for him.
Make 2 gal wait for 1 Guy..
Hai~ this kind of guy also have..

Walk to eat PastaMania @ Harbour Front,
Almost lost our way there..
haha..cause i tai ru wan,
Hmm, e thing th i order wan all not nice to eat lei,
i don't know y?
or hv i change my taste alady?!

Aft th shop shop around,
saw sankar wif his Sis..
Hahaha..also here to watch movie,
went to pet's shop to see DOG
n then went to GV to collect our ticket
as Hoon Hoon book online n
get to chat wif some of e manager n Ah Er,
then went to Cold Storage n Gaint,
to buy snack in to GV!!
my bag is so pack!!

we didn't enjoy e MOVIE,
as e movie is SOoo
who say is nice wan huh..
end of e movie i still
don't know wht e movie is talking abt..

Aft th head down to Chinatown there,
to have our supper
as our Da Shao Ye is hungry
n then Home Sweet Home!

.11 October 2008@23:22.

Ya!! Finally met my Gals,
but before that i need to go n fetch
HS n e poor Hoon Hoon
who was drag by e stupid HS @ JP.

Head down to PS to meet my gals
n have dinner wif them,
then walk to cathey outside,
sit down, chat n tk photo.
ask Lao De to come down n join us
n off to KBox.

Photo below...enjoy!!

+. Our Reflection .+

+. Reflection @ PS .+

+. visiting Manhattan-Fish market .+
the food very nice lei

+. The Onli Guy .+

+. My Gals .+
If onli melinda n Chanel is here also

+. KBox session again .+

+. HS act SHY..Eeeeeeeeeee .+

+. Si lao de .+


Today workin flr mid
Luckily didn't went for work late!!
Cause today alot of ppl came to work late!
Luck not me!!

Aft work went to watch 2 movie!
The Guard Post @ 9.35
20th Century Boys @ 11.50.

As need to wait for
Han Sheng, Hoon Hoon n Vic
to finish work.
so went to watch Guard Post alone,
th movie is v nice lei.
Not scarily at all

for e 20th Century Boys ma...
Waste my time!!
not nice wan n Hoon Hoon also fall aslp!
Sian arh!

Later going to meet my 10 gals out
to go n celeb for me n our Miss Chanel's Birthday!
Ya!! Can see u gals again..
Miss u all so must!!
Later tk more pic huh!!
n also Drink more more ah..
See u all later huh
n don't be

.10 October 2008@04:19.

Just reach home fr KBOX which organise
my HoonHoon.
WOW..my cab fare onli $6..cheap cheap!!
Didn't get to sing must song as my sound
still haven recover yet,
is all e nouse sound.

Sorry Ryan!
we going to sing all couple song
wan but cause of me,
Next time i recover,
i sing all e way wif u.
Send me all e song list,
No Worry!!
But must wait v long la
cause u all going to start sch alady!

e KBOX was super crazy cause got
Geoffery n ah teck around,
this 2 crazy ppl.
Get to play pool but stil play until v bad!
n Han Sheng this Quite Man,
go there onli sit down, watch n smoke.
But overall was still v fun la..

ok la..i don't wan to say much alady
cause i also don't know wht i writing
too tired alady.
Need to slp alady,
Later going to get up n work in few hr time.

Samuel, Jasmine n Ryan

Monkey n Ah Beng's Singing

Ah Teck, wht u doing?!

Monkey don't jump arh!

Hoon Hoon go n sing ur song

our group photo

our new couple!!

Ah Huan's singing o..

y don't hv me?!

KK singing

the old time police..haha

A..Monkey this is not Banana, don't go n eat it!

Monkey, u know how to listen phone arh?


all way crazy alady!!

Ah Beng y so lonely, where is ur xiao di?

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