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Now AndForever

.28 November 2007@23:42.

I'm back updating my blog..See huh..i got update..hee

YA! finally finish my exam..th need to study wan..but my WEB..i think i didn't do well cause i don't know how to do:(..but at least i got write down e answer la..better then leave it blank..hee

Sian! this few day have been rainy n hv make me fall sick again..Dotz..v painfull! Must remenber to bring umberlla when u all go out huh..Cause this my umberlla..a..a..WOW suddenly feel v COLD.. Ahyo..don't wan to type alaby..hee..lazy la..i wan to go n surf net n watch show alaby..see when i free then update again..but i don't know when la..hee..BUT...I'M BE BACK!

.24 November 2007@02:05.

hee..now then start writing my blog..hee..Today got to woke up 8 in e morning to got to sch, then aft th got n work..is along long day, Today! Nvm..cause i can go relax myself by seeing movie..hee..i watch BRATZ @ 4.55 but in fornt miss some of it..Sian! Th movie n e music v NICE..I LIKE! aft watching e show nothing to do, still need to wait for a long time before watching Enchanted cause need to wait for rachel lo..so sad..

Finally reach 8.45 already YA..n we can get to watch Enchanted..so nice e show n v funny also..I wan to watch it again..so nice!hee

Over here need to Thanks Agatha for her seaweed..hehe (i eat alot :x)

Th is all for today..no mood to type alaby...Sleepily...Zzzz

.22 November 2007@21:56.

Hai..v tired..finally finish my sch day for today..hai! But now left wif 1 more day to reach weekend..so let enjoy my day studying(cause tmr lesson onli 1hr..haha), then go n work..n earn $$$$..hohohooo...n tmr going to watch Enchanted with Rachel, Stella n Agatha..hehe..Hope e movie is Nice..ok la..th is wht i wirte for today cause i don't know wht to write alaby..hee..whose ppl reading MUST ENJOY HUH! If not watch out..

.20 November 2007@23:23.

Ya..i going to buy PSP..can't wait for th day to come..Hoooo...

n ALSO >>>

Chirstmas is Coming..is my favourite day..I LOVE IT! Just can't wait for th day to come..hee...PRESENT! PRESENT here i come..hehe..

OK..i hv finish post my pic for e past few day outing..n for now i going to bed alaby..Tmr still to go to sch early..Nightz! Zzzz...

Ps: Thanks Chanel & Xueqi for helping me in e blog if not i going crzy by doing all this..hee..THANK U V MUCH...LOVE U!



Mi & my Lao Po..She so pretty..

See my Lao Po soooo CUTE

See Our Business Women...Miss Eling Koh who is always ma ma ma..

n for this gal " STOP DREAMING ", night alaby still Daydream!


Sian! Cause of this outing i need to cancel my work..But overall is all right as my trip is very e FuN..Let enjoy..Hahaha

Our Mrs PIG! (oo)

Our Quan Jia Fu...So Sweet!

Our crazy gal..hee!

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